Welcome Aboard!

Welcome everybody. I have decided to take the next step in my writing and have a website. I want to thank my friend Victoria Perkins at Cut Above Designs for helping bring this to life.

So what will you find here? First off, I am a writer and museum executive director. You will find out about my writing; what I am working on, ideas, magazine pieces, etc. As a heads up, my second book Historic Sites and Landmarks of New Smyrna Beach will be published by The History Press in December. It will make a great Christmas gift!

In addition, I will also be posting book notices, book reviews, travel related pieces (both ideas and places that I have recently visited), press releases, interviews, and more. All will deal with history in some respect. These will be almost exclusively American history. Sure, I may throw an oddball piece in every now and then but it’s my site; I am allowed to.

I invite you to also follow me on social media. You can find my accounts by clicking on the icons near the bottom of the page.

As you can imagine, this page will be a work in progress. I am not a web designer so I’ll be going back to Victoria for help I am sure. I hope to add widgets that will enhance the site and be of interest to those who visit the site. Please be sure to check the tabs for further information such as contact info, more information about me, and updates on my books.

If you are a publisher rep, an author, or have a historically related product you would like me to take a look at, review, or post information on please click the “contact” link. If you would like me to promote your book/dvd/game/whatever by offering a give-away that can be arranged as well.

If you recognize me from my prior blogging life please realize this is where you will find me from now on. I will leave my earlier blog available but it is unlikely I will be updating much.

Well, I guess that is enough about me and what this website will be. For now, I am reading Cornelius Ryan’s The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day and I hear it calling me. Again, I say welcome and I hope you enjoy what I have to share!


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