Library Additions-February 2016 (1)

Here are a few books that are new to my library. I will be posting more library additions shortly; January was a busy month.

The cover for Lincoln's Bold Lion
The cover for Lincoln’s Bold Lion

Lincoln’s Bold Lion: The Life and Times of Brigadier General Martin Davis Hardin written by James T. Huffstodt; published by Casemate Publishers. Cover price is $32.95.

I have a special interest in this book due to Hardin being buried in St. Augustine.

From the publisher: This is the first biography devoted to the life of a remarkable young man who, in the words of Civil War historian Ezra Warner, “embarked upon a combat career which has few parallels in the annals of the army for gallantry, wounds sustained, and the obscurity into which he had lapsed a generation before his death.”

Cover for And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
Cover for And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: An Autobiography written by Ralph David Abernathy. Cover price is $19.95.

Originally published in 1989, this beautifully written autobiography of the Rev. Dr. Ralph David Abernathy—Martin Luther King Jr.’s partner and eventual successor—not only tells his own story but also expounds on the leaders he knew intimately, including King, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, and Lyndon Johnson, among others. Revealing the planning that went into major protests and the negotiations that brought them to a close, Abernathy chronicles a movement, recalling the bitter defeats they faced, the misery and deaths they suffered. Amidst these struggles, though, he celebrates the victories that integrated communities, gave economic and political power to the disenfranchised, and brought hope to people who had not dreamed of it. Throughout, Abernathy’s close relationship with King is central to the story—and to the civil rights movement. In 1956, when Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus, it was Abernathy who enlisted King to join the protest. Together, they led the landmark bus boycott for 381 days, during which Abernathy’s house was bombed and his church dynamited. From there, the two helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), and they were jailed together more than 40 times. Their protests and marches took them all over the South—Selma, Albany, Birmingham—and to Washington and Chicago as well. An unsung hero of his era, Abernathy’s inspiring memoir ultimately shows how their victories, and even their setbacks, led to social and legislative changes across the entire country.

2 thoughts on “Library Additions-February 2016 (1)

  1. James T. Huffstodt

    Dear Sir: I was especially pleased to see that you will be reading my new biography of General Hardin: “Lincoln’s Bold Lion” since I enjoyed reading your work dealing with St. Augustine in the Civil War. My hope is that you will find my portrayal of Hardin faithful to the man and of interest to the reader. Jim Huffstodt, Tallahassee


    1. Hi Mr. Huffstodt, This is a book that definitely needed to be written and I was so pleased to see it available. Having written on St. Augustine and the Civil War I was a bit surprised there was no current biography on Hardin. But then, many of the other generals associated with the city need updated biographies as well. Once I read the book I would love to post an interview with you if you are willing. In addition, if you ever make it to the central Florida area I would like to meet you. Or, maybe we could set up an appearance at the museum where I work. Civil War presentations always go over well. Feel free to drop me a line here, see the contact page for my email. You may also reach me at the New Smyrna Museum of History; sevhs at bellsouth dot net. Robert


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