A Rant About Social Media

Recently I have noticed what I feel is a strange social media phenomenon on Twitter and Instagram. Why do people follow you only to wait for you to follow them back then unfollow you just days later? It seems like such a waste of time.

An example: my wife and I have three dogs and I had followed a Labrador retriever page on Instagram. When I post the occasional photo of one of my dogs I will use the hashtag Labradorretriever or labsofinstagram or something that many others do. All of a sudden I received probably five or six requests to follow from assorted lab pages. I approved them and followed them back, I love lab photos. So lo and behold within a few days they had almost all dropped me, I believe only two are still with me. Sure, I don’t overrun my pages with photos of my dogs so maybe I wasn’t of interest to them. Photos of my dogs are really only of interest to me but I enjoy sharing at times. I have the word historian in my profile, did you think there would be hundreds of dog photos?

Now my Twitter and Instagram accounts do not have large numbers of followers (yet, I suppose I should add) nor do I follow large numbers of people and organizations so I can tell when I get unfollowed. I have started tracking those who have recently followed me and it is almost always one of them who has unfollowed me. If I followed them back I will promise you I respond in kind with a quick unfollow.

Now there are times of course I have not followed back and maybe they got their feelings hurt. Maybe they didn’t like a post: I will post pro Civil Rights pieces on Twitter but then follow it up with a complaint against monument removal. If your skin is that thin I recommend leaving social media and crawling in a hole. For me the issue is, don’t try to run up your numbers and not reciprocate.

And as an FYI, my point is only being made about non famous/prominent individuals. I didn’t expect Stephen King to follow me back when I followed him on Twitter nor do I anticipate whoever runs the Mount Vernon pages to like mine when I follow them. If I follow I don’t really expect a follow back. It’s nice but not expected.

All that said, if you wish to follow me on social media, find the icons on this page and give them a click then like or follow!

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