New Smyrna Museum of History

I’m proud to serve as the executive director of the New Smyrna Museum of History, part of the Southeast Volusia Historical Society, we are located just off Canal Street at 120 Sams Avenue in the historic district of New Smyrna Beach.


The focal point of the museum is an exhibit devoted to the founders of New Smyrna, an intrepid group of indentured Mediterranean colonists, under the leadership of Scottish physician and diplomat Dr. Andrew Turnbull.

In addition to the New Smyrna Settlement Exhibit, there is an Exterior Gallery which provides a chronological overview of area history, starting with pre-historic Florida and continuing through eleven distinct periods


Upstairs at the museum is a special exhibit  of early St John’s pottery, projectile points, and other artifacts collected by the late Zelia Wilson Sweett, a noted local historian.

The Sheldon Research Library contains documents, books, periodicals, maps and photographs relating to the history of New Smyrna Beach. The Library is open by appointment.

Upcoming events at New Smyrna Museum

Visit the New Smyrna Museum website here.

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