Journal of Southern History Vol. LXXXIII, No. 4

The mail today included the November 2017 issue of the Journal of Southern History.  Below are the main journal articles.

Elusive Justice in Baltimore: The Conviction of a White Policeman for Killing a Black Man in 1875 written by Gordon H. Shufelt.

Defending Black Suffrage: Poll Taxes, Preachers, and Anti-Prohibition in Texas, 1887-1916 written by Brendan J. Payne.

Oil on the Farm: The East Texas Oil Boom and the Origins of an Energy Economy written by Wallace Scot McFarlane.

When Kia Came to Georgia: Southern Transplants and the Growth of America’s “Other” Automakers written by Timothy J. Minchin.

The issue also contains almost seventy book reviews.

Blue & Gray Magazine to Cease Publication

Today marks a sad day as the excellent Civil War magazine Blue & Gray announced they will cease publication. You may read their post outlining the reasons by clicking here. It’s nothing you wouldn’t expect.

Please remember we have to support the independent publishers that remain, whether it be books or magazines, or they too may go the way of North & South several years ago and now Blue & Gray. Remember we almost lost Civil War News recently as well.

Journal of Southern History–Volume LXXXII Number 4

Todays mail included the November 2016 Journal of Southern History published by the Southern Historical Association.

Articles include:

The Lizardi Brothers: A Mexican Family Business and the Expansion of New Orleans, 1825-1846 written by Linda Salvucci and Richard Salvucci.

The Old South Confronts the Dilemma of David Livingston written by Daniel Kilbride.

Conservatives in the Everglades: Sun Belt Environmentalism and the Creation of Everglades National Park written by Chris Wilhelm.

Green Civic Republicanism and Environmental Action Against Surface Mining in Lincoln County, West Virginia, 1974-1990 written by Jinny A. Turman.

Book Reviews (77 reviews)

Book Notes

Historical News and Notices

Florida Historical Quarterly–Volume 95 Number 1

The new issue of the Florida Historical Quarterly has arrived. Learn about subscribing here.

Contents include:

To Conquer the Coast: Pensacola, the Gulf of Mexico and the Construction of American Imperialism, 1820-1848 written by Maria Angela Diaz.

Losing Lincoln: Black Educators, Historical Memory, and the Desegregation of Lincoln High School in Gainesville, Florida written by Kathryn Palmer.

The Gulf Coast Fish Cheer: Radicalism and the Underground Press in Pensacola, Florida, 1970-1971 written by Christopher Satterwhite.

Book Reviews (ten titles are reviewed)

End Notes

Civil War Times August 2016

Here’s a brief rundown of what is in the August 2016 issue of Civil War Times.

An Uncommon Look at the Common Soldier by Benjamin E. Myers

A Different World: Abe Lincoln’s Hardscrabble Upbringing Taught Him to Value Immigration by Jason H. Silverman

A Vivid Picture: A Pennsylvania Officer was Among the First to Serve in the Union Signal Corps by Susannah J. Ural

Wigwags, Torches and Towers: Tools of the Signal Corps

Tempest at Cool Spring: Union Pursuers Caught up with Jubal Early’s Footsore Washington Raiders Along the Shenandoah River in 1864 by Jonathan A. Noyalas

Also included are regular features that this month cover topics such as Lincoln on Canvas and in Bronze, Confederate POWs in Illinois, Gettysburg’s Evergreen Cemetery, and Gary Gallagher revisits Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The issue wraps up with reviews of the film “The Fiery Trail” from the Civil War Museum in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the book A Self-Made Man: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol. I, 1809 – 1849 by Sidney Blumenthal.

Florida Historical Quarterly Volume 94 Number 4

The new issue of Florida Historical Quarterly arrived last week. Contents include:

Pensacola’s Cast Iron Architecture written by Cynthia Catellier

New Deal Historic Preservation for Key West written by Matthew G. Hyland

Book Reviews

End Notes

Florida in Publications 2015 (which includes my book Historic Sites and Locations of New Smyrna Beach)

Index to Volume 94




Blue & Gray Magazine Volume XXXII #2 2016

B&G Magazine Volume 32 #2
B&G Magazine Volume 32 #2

I picked up the new issue of Blue & Gray Magazine the other day. I’m not sure why I haven’t subscribed yet. It’s really a very good magazine and I always seem to enjoy it.

This issue covers the Battle of Cedar Mountain. There is an article written by Michael E. Block, the Vice President of the Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield. As always, the issue is loaded with maps. There are NINE battle maps in addition to several others that are relevant to the article.

Also included is an excellent 11 stop driving tour titled; The Culmination of a Legend Building Spring and A Failing Campaign on the Peninsula authored by Dave Roth with Bike Block. The tour and article are full of historic and modern photos.

Also included is a collection of book reviews.

Well worth looking for or subscribing.

America’s Civil War September 2016

The September 2016 issue of America’s Civil War arrived in the mailbox this week.

Contents include:

Blood Brothers written by John Hoptak. Discuses the Pennsylvania Reserves during the Maryland Campaign.

Best Belt Revolver I Have Yet Seen written by Michael G. Williams. Discusses self contained metallic ammunition by Smith & Wesson.

Carolina Maulin written by Christine M. Kreiser. Ambrose Burnside launches the war’s first major amphibious operation.

Forgotten Captive written by Lawrence Lee Hewitt. Florida’s Theodore W> Brevard never learned he had been promoted to Brigadier General.

All in the Cards written by Tim Rowland. NPS trading cards.

Book Reviews include:

Texans at Gettysburg: Blood and Glory with Hood’s Texas Brigade

Chronology of the Civil War in Fairfax County, Part 1

A Want of Vigilance: The Bristoe Station Campaign, October 9-19, 1863 (Emerging Civil War Series)

Service with the Signal Corps: The Civil War Memoir of Captain Louis R. Fortescue (Voices Of The Civil War)

Florida Historical Quarterly Volume 94 Number 3

Florida Historical Quarterly Winter 2016 Volume 94 Number 3

Special Issue
500 Years of Florida History—The Nineteenth Century: 1800 to 1870

The Historiography of Nineteenth-Century Florida—James G. Cusick
Interpreting Florida, Its Nineteenth-Century Literary Heritage—Maurice O’Sullivan
Abiaka, or Sam Jones, in Context: The Mikasuki Ethnogenesis through the Third Seminole War—Patsy West
“The Indians are Scattering I Fear”: Mobility and Power in the Second Seminole War—Christine A. Rizzi
Runaway Slave Advertisements in Antebellum Florida: A Retrospective—Matthew J. Clavin
A Flower at Elmira: The Prisoner of War Diary of Wilbur Wightman Gramling—Robert Saunders, Jr.
Another Invisible Man: Alexander H. Darnes, M.D.—Charles A. Tingley

Also included are ten book reviews.

Subscription information is available here.

Florida Historical Quarterly Volume 94 Number 2

Florida Historical Quarterly Volume 94 Issue 2 Fall 2015

Sucking, Blood, and Fire: Timucuan Healing Practices in Spanish Florida written by Tamara Shircliff Spike

Reconstructing Power in an American Borderland: Political Change in Colonial East Florida written by Nancy O. Gallman

“Republica de Bandidos”: The Prospect Bluff Fort’s Challenge to the Spanish Slave System written by John Paul Nuno

Currency, Credit, Cruises, and Cuba: The Fed’s Early History in Florida written by Lesley Mace

Book Reviews

End Notes

Learn more about the Florida Historical Society and their publications by clicking here.